A year ago a universal cataclysm struck the lands and peoples of Sunshade. The entire sphere was suddenly rocked with earthquakes, tsunamis and fires. Entire cities were sunken into the ocean, crushed in landslides, or burned to the ground. About a 10th of the people of all lands perished in the so-called great convulsion, and another 5th died of starvation and plague in the aftermath. Large numbers of people were made refugees, forced to seek new homes when their old homelands were devastated.

Each player character is one such refugee, who has found his or her way to the city of Viies, The capital of the Protectorate of Viies, located in the mountains of Kez, the border between the Andilarian Empire and the Free Peoples’ Union.

Viies, in ancient times long bygone a seat of power in a great tribal confederation of Fey folk who thrived in the woodlands, plains, lakes, rivers, seas and islands of the continent of Mã, is now the capital of one of a number of homeland states established by the human conquistadors who founded the Andilarian Empire centuries ago. To the south and east of the Kez mountains is the Free Peoples’ Union, a confederacy of elves and dwarves. Still reeling from the aftershocks of the Great Convulsion, the city struggles to maintain order and deal with the growing numbers of refugees continuing to stream into the city.

Player characters can be of any race or class described in the version 5 core rule books. We will be starting at level one. Don’t give your character any possessions — getting equipped will be accomplished through role-playing at the very beginning of the campaign. Once you’ve rolled up your character and decided on a race and class, consult with me and I will provide relevant historical and sociological information for you to come up with a backstory.